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Are you getting what you paid for ???

Today we came across a lesson that was probably too good to not share, as it’s something we have often discussed with many of our customers.

A lady had contacted us to install a Meterguard on her gas door as per the photos, she requested that the power door be changed over to be keyed alike, so one key would open both locks...

Simple process on our behalf...

The first photo is of our competition who will remain nameless. Firstly they have used a cheap plastic surround that is easily broken.....this we know as we have replaced a large volume over to our BHP galvanised steel ones.

The more important factor and one that is probably not picked up by the average person, the lock has been drilled into a round hole, this is a no no in our book as you can easily spin the lock around in the round hole with a screwdriver....providing ZERO security.

We at Meterguard having combined 40 plus years in the security industry would never dream of doing this as we believe the reason the clients ask for the solution to begin with is for.....SECURITY.

Our solution has the lock hole punched out as a elongated hole that matches exactly the profile on the WAS cam lock approved by Synergy, Western Power, Alinta and FESA.

No way can this lock be spun with a screwdriver as we make it impossible.

We believe this a must for every home in Perth as it provides protection at the entry point of power entering your property...like it or not....crimes are being committed and will increase over time.

Be smart like the thousands of clients we have provided Lockable Meterbox security solutions for in Perth and protect your assets, your family and yourself.

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