Meterguard - Substantial Point of Difference.

The Management at Meterguard Security with a combined 40 plus something years in the security industry have developed a lockable viewing window that substantially separates itself from its nearest competitor. Installed in thousands of meter boxes across the metropolitan area and developed to be the most secure solution of securing your meter box on the market.

Meterguard use high quality galvanised steel window surrounds that are secured with anti-theft steel screws (as used by the Western Australian Police Force in securing number plates) that make the viewing window STRONG and tamper-proof.

The galvanised steel provides a strength that makes our product “Fit for Purpose” not some cheap plastic gimmicky toy that has proven to be broken with little force.

One of the most important differentials is Meterguard install an elongated hole that marries up exactly with the authorised cam lock shape. At no point would Meterguard cut corners and drill a circular hole that would allow the lock to spin freely like we have witnessed with our competitors product.

We believe in strength, longevity and the security of our clients and our products  

Please contact us via the "Bookings / Contact Us" page or via email on meterguard@bigpond.com

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