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Due to the recent crime reports in the northern and southern corridor, and further ongoing community discussions regarding personal  safety and security, Meterguard offer a lockable security door with viewing window for your meter box (Synergy and Alinta Compliant). This ensures that the power and gas cannot be tampered with in your home leaving you and ultimately your family and home vulnerable.

The loss of power to your home would render CCTV and intruder alarms systems installed useless.

If you are at home and your power is switched off at the power meter, think and act very carefully if you decide to go and investigate. Meterguard have had a number of reports that the power has been turned off and fuses removed where the home owners have been going out to investigate.

The offenders have then either slipped into the house and locked the door and/or quickly stolen purses, keys and quick opportunity items.

Worse still we have had reports of the investigating home owner being confronted in the dark near the meter box and in some cases injured.

The approved viewing windows allow your electric and gas meter boxes to be read by Synergy Power and Alinta Energy.

Meterguard only supply and install a security window and master key cam lock approved by Synergy Power and Alinta Gas to remain compliant.

One of the many additional benefits  is the service can be performed when the client is not at home. We at Meterguard pride ourselves on delivering a seamless and professional service.

Due to the overwhelming response that Meterguard has experienced, we will extend our special offer of$ 195.00 fully supplied and installed. 

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us via the form manager on our "Bookings / Contact Us" page or via email at meterguard@bigpond.com

Discounts available for multiple installations

All major Credit Cards accepted.

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